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Enhance your shooting experience by incorporating weight into your Carbon X stock system, thereby transforming it into the ultimate precision rifle stock. The addition of weight not only imparts increased stability when shooting from various positions but also facilitates superior recoil control and quicker follow-up shots.

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Our system includes two pairs of large weights, one pair of mini weights, comprehensive internal weights, and three steel spacers.

The Carbon X stock, including the ARCA rail, typically weighs between 1.6kg to 1.85kg, depending on the specific inlet.

If you opt for the weight kit, it adds an additional 2.3 kg to the overall weight. The weight kit breaks down as follows:

  • External Weights: 1.05 kg
  • Internal Weights: 0.55 kg
  • Spacer Plate Replacement: 0.7 kg

This comprehensive weight kit allows you to customize the weight of your Carbon X stock system to meet your specific shooting preferences and needs, providing the stability and control necessary for precision shooting.


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