Frequently Asked Questions

Muzzle Devices:

Selecting the right Warbird or Raptor for your rifle?

Muzzle brakes: are highly effective at reducing recoil, making them a popular choice for shooters who want to minimize the felt recoil of their firearms. This is especially beneficial for high-recoil firearms like magnum rifles. Precision rifle shooters also gravitate to muzzle brakes due to the higher recoil reduction.

Silencer (Suppressor): Suppressors significantly reduce the noise generated when a firearm is discharged, making them an excellent choice for those who want to shoot more quietly and reduce noise pollution. They are ideal for recreational shooting and hunting.

Which thread should I choose for my muzzle device?

When choosing a thread for your muzzle device, it’s crucial to ensure compatibility with your firearm’s barrel and the specific device you intend to mount. Consult your firearm’s manufacturer or a qualified gunsmith if you are uncertain about the thread size.

Which Raptor Brake is right for me?

While there is no perfect answer, we have done our best to guide you on the product page. From the examples listed, choose a similar cartridge to the one you are shopping for. Bigger is not always better.

How much recoil does the Raptor Muzzle brake reduce?

The amount of recoil reduction provided by the Raptor Muzzle Brake, or any muzzle brake for that matter, depends on several factors, the caliber of the firearm, and the load details of the ammunition being used. Muzzle brakes work by redirecting and venting a portion of the high-pressure gases generated when a bullet is fired. This redirection of gases creates a counterforce that helps counteract the recoil force generated by the firearm. The raptor brakes can reduce over 44% recoil as show in this example below.

How quiet is the Warbird?

The Warbird Silencer offers a significant reduction in noise, but it’s essential to understand that the term “hearing safe” can have different interpretations. While specific decibel reduction measurements have been taken in the past, consumer-level technology may not provide the precision required for an accurate figure. However, it’s reported that the Warbird Silencer provides more than a 50% reduction in noise, which is substantial and significantly reduces the risk of hearing damage.

It’s crucial to note that even with a suppressor or silencer, a supersonic bullet can still create a sonic boom as it exits the muzzle. This can potentially be loud enough to cause hearing damage if fired without hearing protection. Therefore, it’s advisable to wear appropriate hearing protection when using firearms with supersonic ammunition, even when using a suppressor.

How does the Tuner work?

A barrel tuner, also known simply as a tuner or harmonic tuner, is a device used on rifles to fine-tune the vibration of the barrel. The concept behind a barrel tuner is to optimize the barrel’s harmonics, which can affect accuracy by influencing the way the barrel vibrates when a shot is fired. It’s important to note that the effectiveness of a barrel tuner can vary from rifle to rifle and depends on factors like barrel contour, ammunition, and individual shooting conditions. Not all rifles benefit equally from tuners, and the process of finding the perfect tuner position can be time-consuming.

What are the advantages of the Littlebird with Tuner?

A rimfire suppressor with a built-in tuner like the Litllebird offers a unique advantage for rimfire firearms, particularly when it comes to optimizing accuracy with factory ammunition. Rimfire ammunition, unlike centerfire ammunition, cannot be easily reloaded by hand. This limitation means they cannot tailor the ammunition to their specific rifle’s characteristics, as is often done with handloading centerfire cartridges. This is where a rimfire suppressor with a built-in tuner becomes valuable. The tuner allows shooters to fine-tune the barrel’s harmonics to match the specific factory ammunition they are using. By adjusting the tuner, shooters can find the optimal position of the tuner to maximize accuracy and precision.


When Should I use my expander mandrel?

Every time you reload, the mandrel should be the last step you run your brass through prior to seating a bullet. As an added OCD habit, you should try seating bullets within a few hours of running the mandrel through your brass to avoid spring-back changing the neck dimensions.

Should I use Lube with my mandrel set?

When employing the mandrels, we advise using Imperial sizing lube sparingly, as a little goes a long way.

Why is the Tin Coated Mandrel better than the regular set?

The Tin coating is a much harder coating and results in an even smoother glide when using the mandrel sets. Users have also reported not adding any lube when using the Tin coated sets. This is especially helpful considering you don’t have to remove any lube prior to adding powder.

Guarantee / Warrantee

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