Meet Schalk Jacobs (left) and Pieter Malan (right), who forged a friendship during a chance encounter at a fundraising event. Their shared love for the great outdoors and long-range shooting ignited a passion that would change the trajectory of their lives. Fueled by their mutual interests in hunting and shooting sports, they came together to establish Axis Precision Worx, a brand that has quickly risen to prominence in the outdoor industry.

As avid hunters and competitive marksmen themselves, Schalk and Pieter possess an innate understanding of the exacting demands placed on gear in the field. This firsthand knowledge fuels their relentless pursuit of creating products that not only meet but surpass the expectations of their fellow enthusiasts.

At Axis Precision Worx, our primary mission is clear: to provide the shooting sports community with top-tier precision machined equipment without breaking the bank. We remain unwavering in our commitment to quality, refusing to compromise or cut corners in the manufacturing process. Each of our meticulously crafted products is born from our in-house design expertise and proudly brought to life in the heart of South Africa, reflecting our unwavering dedication to local craftsmanship.

We are a dedicated and cohesive team, tirelessly working together to conceptualize and craft gear that empowers you to reach your shooting goals.