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APW Scope bases are meticulously crafted from space-grade aluminum, ensuring top-tier quality and durability. Our range includes a variety of MOA values, allowing you to choose the perfect scope base to meet your specific shooting requirements.

By incorporating MOA into the scope base, it effectively tilts the scope’s optical axis, allowing for increased elevation adjustment within the scope itself. This is especially valuable for long-range shooting scenarios, where shooters may need to compensate for significant bullet drop at extended distances.

MOA scope bases come in fixed MOA values, typically in increments like 20 MOA or 40 MOA. Shooters select a base with the appropriate MOA value based on their specific shooting requirements, the caliber of the rifle, and the expected shooting distance. This additional elevation adjustment range enables the shooter to zero their scope at longer distances and make precise adjustments when shooting at varying ranges without running out of internal turret adjustment.

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In most shooting applications, a 20 MOA (Minutes of Angle) scope base provides sufficient elevation adjustment to accommodate a wide range of shooting distances and environmental conditions. It’s a practical choice for many shooters engaged in various types of shooting, including hunting and general long-range shooting.

However, for those involved in serious long-range competition shooting, where extreme distances and precise elevation adjustments are the norm, a 40 MOA scope base can be invaluable. It allows these shooters to maximize the elevation range of their scopes, enabling them to make extremely precise adjustments and achieve accuracy at distances that would otherwise be challenging.

The choice of MOA value for the scope base should align with the specific shooting discipline, the rifle, and the intended distances. Serious long-range competitors often benefit from the extended range offered by higher MOA bases, while other shooters may find that a 20 MOA base suits their needs perfectly for a variety of applications.

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Dimensions 14 × 5 × 10 cm

Howa SA, Howa LA, Rem700 SA, Rem700 LA, Tikka


20MOA, 40MOA


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