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In the dynamic world of precision rifle accessories, APW has emerged as a leader, offering outstanding quality products tailored to the needs of modern rifle enthusiasts.

One of our flagship products is the APW ARCA Rail, crafted with utmost precision. Meticulously machined from Aerospace-grade aluminum, this rail guarantees exceptional strength and durability. To further enhance its performance, we apply a Type III hard anodized finish, ensuring superior hardness and preserving its sleek appearance.

To determine the ideal length of the ARCA rail for your specific rifle or stock, we recommend taking accurate measurements. This ensures a perfect fit and optimal performance tailored to your unique setup.

Join the growing community of precision rifle enthusiasts who trust APW for exceptional quality and cutting-edge design. Experience the difference that our ARCA Rail brings to your shooting experience, whether you choose the universal ARCA or the MLOK variant. Elevate your rifle game with APW and unlock the full potential of your precision shooting setup.

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The universal ARCA design features a flat section that seamlessly integrates with both conventional rifle stocks and chassis systems. This versatility allows you to adapt the APW ARCA Rail to your preferred rifle setup, ensuring compatibility and ease of use.

For those utilizing MLOK chassis systems, our MLOK variant offers a seamless integration solution. Designed specifically for MLOK systems, this rail provides a secure attachment point for accessories and further expands the customization options for your rifle.

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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 30 × 5 × 5 cm

8" Universal Mount, 10" M-Lok, 12" Universal Mount, 4" Universal Mount


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