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Our number one goal is to provide world class products to the shooting community. We adhere strict quality control requirements, if you are not satisfied with a product, we will make it right. 

We stand behind each and every item that we produce. If there are any issues, please contact us to have them resolved.

In order to qualify for our guarantee, you must agree the T&Cs prior to using your product.

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Adding the additional adapter of the tuner increases the risk significantly of having a baffle strike. While we do our best to ensure the threads are 100% square, the smallest mis-alignment can result in a large collusion. You must have your alignment checked by a gunsmith prior to fitting any Tuner behind a silencer. Our recommendation is not to use the tuner with large Hunter/Magnum version of the Warbird.


Vibrations from recoil can loosen almost anything on a rifle. We recommended that you checking any muzzle device between strings of fire to ensure it is still fitted correctly. A loose silencer will start to tilt forward causing an internal collision and breaking your silencer.

Always ensure the bullet you are firing is of the same caliber as the warbird you ordered.


Torque specs for the front and rear action screws are 65 inch pounds, attaching accessories like the ARCA rail to the bottom of the stock its recommended not to exceed 25 inch pounds of torque. Always use a torque wrench when fitting anything to your Carbon X.

You can also add a drop of blue locktite (med strength) to your action screws prior to installation.

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