Titanium Raptor

Titanium Raptor

APW continues to innovate by bringing you the Raptor muzzle brake in Titanium, another first in South Africa. The Titanium Raptor will tame the recoil on your rifle like nothing you've experianced before. While looking exceptionally cool the Titanium Raptor also comes in at a fraction of the weight of its stainless steel brother, making it perfect for your hunting rifle too.


Raptor 5 port brake from Axis Precision Worx, the best looking brake in the business, proudly manufactured in SA. The Raptor Muzzle Brake features a self-timing toolless system for ease of use and ultra-fast mounting.

Possible lead time for manufacturing to required specifications.

  • Made To Order

    Our Titanium brakes are expensive to make, so we make them "to order", you're brake will be hot out of our oven just for you.

    Estimated Delivery Time 1-2weeks.

Sales Tax Included